A 3-step method


    Treeptik is a major player in the DevOps movement and works with prestigious clients to bring about this transformation. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of technical experts, DevOps coaches and change management consultants.

    We help our clients to be more productive in software engineering so that they have more time for innovation. Treeptik adopts a holistic approach to the application production process and strives to improve all steps.

    We meet the strategic and industry objectives of your company, making sure that you are involved in the design and setup processes (depending on your preferences), thanks to made-to-measure workshops.

    We place you at the heart of this transformation !

    In addition to the technological and methodological aspects, our expertise in change management helps support you through your transformation, guaranteeing the success of your project.

    This gives us a 360° view of all your IT department’s needs.

    We promise to meet your needs.

    • Improvement of the software factory and implementation of CI/CD;
    • Reorganization of teams and Agile coaching;
    • Construction of a testing and versioning strategy;
    • Automation of deployments with or without a cloud strategy.

    Choix de la destination

    Fixer, valider les objectifs stratégiques ainsi que le cadre de référence de la nouvelle DSI agile.


    Plan de vol

    Définition des objectifs opérationnels par métier et des DevOps Captains, piliers de la transformation interne.



    Formation des DevOps Captains et définition du plan d'actions détaillé par métier.


    Décollage !

    Nous assistons les Captains qui sont à l'oeuvre pour piloter la transformation de leur métier.


    Tell us about your project !