Treeptik is the official partner of Docker INC, providing official training from beginner to advanced level. After completing the course, students will receive an official Docker certificate from Docker INC to certify their level.

From the offset, Treeptik has been a very active member of the Docker community, sponsoring Docker Con Europe and organizing the biggest Docker Meet-up in the South of France!

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Get to grips with Kubernetes

Using Docker at a medium or large scale soon requires the use of a container orchestration system. Kubernetes (K8S) is a container orchestration tool initially developed by Google to manage a large number of containers.

This 2-day course teaches students the basics for using K8S, including automatic application deployment and scaling.

DevOps Foundation

Our experts have been certified by the DevOps Institute on “DevOps Foundation” aspects. “Design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster”!

Other courses

Made-to-measure training

Our experts can create training programs tailored to your needs on all the technical and methodological subjects in our portfolio.

Examples of made-to-measure courses for our clients:

  • Docker and security;
  • Orchestration with Rancher;
  • Continuous integration with containerization;
  • Micro-services architecture

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