We encourage our clients to switch their applications over to containerised infrastructure in order to streamline their development pipeline, secure their production and remove infrastructure constraints.

Long-term partners of Docker & Rancher, Treeptik and its consultants are certified and experienced, with a very high level of expertise. Docker regularly entrusts us with complex technology implementation assignments for its clients. We are constantly developing our expertise in order to diversify our services and best meet our clients’ needs.

Our crew
takes you to the moon and back:

  • Governance rule
  • Deployment of an orchestrator
  • Containerisation of applications
  • Log management monitoring
  • Containerisation of CI/CD processes
  • Deployment of a container firewall
  • Audit and implementation of security solutions for containers and the container network.

Consulting, product development and training:

We combine these three pillars to manage your projects from start to finish, offering a turnkey service while helping your teams to be autonomous.